Today we started programming on a computer, not just on paper. However, the compilers didn’t work like we expected. A lot of errors came up and some programs didn’t even start. Since the school computers aren’t well maintained and they aren’t of the best quality. I think I am going to download a compiler and install it on my laptop to use it instead of the school machines. I am going to look for compilers and download one or every one I can find. I wish I knew how to program so I knew which compiler is good for me, and to see how to code appropriately on each platform, which I think should be the same, but I had lots of compiling errors and I was getting aid from a textbook.

Another thing that I would like to do is to take great pictures. I find it disappointing when I look at my pictures and compare them to what I can find in a book or in stock photography catalogues. I wish I got things right at the first, second, third or even at the fifth try. Maybe it’s just my perception.

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Anyway, I have somewhat managed to decently expose my pictures in manual mode, however framing and also exposing under contrasty environments, such as a dark entrance on a very bright wall, or a plaza with a section under the trees on a sunny day still give me issues.

While it is true that the instrument doesn’t help the artist, I think that it certainly helps to get good results, but I also think that if you can make a lot with little, it is more remarkable than doing a lot with much. That’s why I am focusing on practicing framing with a P&S more than with the SLR, also, because the P&S is more practical to carry around, and it is less risky to lose.

However, I could carry my SLR in a fanny today, which was a bit uncomfortable, but possible.

Something that just caught my attention was the fact that crediting an image, like most of the actions that are the right thing to do, is difficult to perform. On the earlier graph, I was trying to credit the person who drew it, but I couldn’t find the author, so I am linking back to the page where I got the picture. I don’t know if it is right, certainly it isn’t fair to the author, but I spent a reasonable amount of time doing my research, so I at least tried.

From now on, I am going to put an effort on linking back to the source of the material I use, because, after reading this I thought that I wouldn’t like my work, for crappy that it is, to be floating around without linking back to my personal pages.