Today, I went to the super market and bought a point-and-shoot camera, since the one I already had is on its last leg. I only spent the money I had saved, so I could not go for anything super fancy.

The camera I chose was a Kodak M200 (mini). It was for three reasons. It wasn’t the bottom of the line, so it must be of a reasonable quality. It was the only one in that price range with a rechargeable battery. And I am somewhat of a follower of Kodak. That last one isn’t a very important reason, to be honest.

I haven’t tested it to its limits, but so far, it looks good. It came with three stuck pixels on the display, but that doesn’t affect the pictures it takes, however there’s a lot of noise in the picture, which isn’t surprising considering both the price and the size of the sensor.

Obviously, is compatible with the Kodak EasyShare software, which I like, but it also comes with an option to share the pictures I take with other applications. Something I’ve never seen in any of my previous Kodak cameras. I haven’t used that feature, so I don’t know how it works. I couldn’t find anything related to this on the printed user guide that came inside the box, and I haven’t had the will to go online to look for the complete documentation.

My previous camera can also be used with other programs such as the Windows Live Photo Gallery, but only to import the pictures. I had to do the sharing manually, but I always did anyway.

When I have used the camera more, I’ll give my veredict.