Today, my team and I were supposed to make a slideshow presentation for the computer class about hardware. I had gone ahead and made a PPT slideshow and I was going to send it early to the rest of my team. I don’t know what happened but we all forgot about that until yesterday.

One of my team classmates said he was going to bring the projector for the class, but he didn’t show up until we were almost done. The other one in my team got out, and I had to start exposing the topic to the class — by myself.

Fortunately, I had a whiteboard marker in my school bag, and I remembered it. So I got it out and started giving the class like any other teacher would do. I was happy I had done all the research by myself, and it was a topic I’m passionate about. So it wasn’t very hard. The hardest part was to realize I had to work by myself, but hadn’t I done everything without them already?

Anyway, a little of luck, a bigger part of work and my previous knowledge of the topic helped me enormously. The other classmate, not the projector one, eventually came, though his participation was minimal. The teacher was fair and he said that while the presentations were done in teams, he was going to evaluate us individually.

I would have liked that everything had gone better, but at least being the one who does most, if not all the work, pays off. However, I am concious that it is not how teams are supposed to be or work.

I wish that my posts were a little better planned, but I have been kind of busy this week, and I have problems writing something better.