Today morning was really cold. I didn’t have time to check the thermometer but it was cold enough to make a thin layer of ice on my windshield. I now understand why Sam’s Club started selling Christmas decorations so soon. It already feels like Christmas.

I’ve also been in a somewhat Christmas-y mood lately, I even feel like singing carolls and stuff like that. I like that tingliness and cheerfulness that comes every year when it gets cold enough to wear thick clothes and jackets.

There is, however, one thing that makes me want Christmas to take an eternity to come, and that is the final evaluations for the semester.

Despite the fact that I am trying my best at school, there are a few things that are holding me back, which are the same you can find in pretty much every other student: procrastination, disorganization and laziness.

I realized that I am a bad leader, especially when coordinating people that are as lazy or lazier than I am. I’m not aiming to be the founder of a start-up or anything, but I think that it would cause a lot of problems in any laboral environment anyway. I’ll have to work on that, as well as on building social connections, which for me is a pretty hard thing to do.

Everytime I read about industries and jobs and entrepeneurs on Flipboard, a shiver climbs through my spine as I think that I’m not ready for that, but that moment in my life approaches at an outrageous speed.

Anyway, something that I don’t know if will make me happy or otherwise is the fact that I got mentioned in another blog. That might be good because it will get more traffic to this site, since my stats are depressing. But it might not be good, as I will start to get spam, which leads to insanity.

Those are my thoughts for today. I’m glad I could finish this post, because I’m busy, busy, busy with homework. I think it’s fair to edit posts later, isn’t it?