Today, in the computer class, we finally started learning to code in C. I’m quite happy and excited. Although I think that the teacher could definitely make the class more dynamic, the fact that I am learning something that I like makes me as cheerful as a kid in a candy store.

I have always liked to at least do quite simple tasks on a computer. However, I stay away from more complex things, such as messing with scripting or using the console in Ubuntu, because those tasks are frustrating, time comsuming and not as rewarding. I’m not an advanced computer user, I recognize that. But at least I hope that learning to program from scratch broadens my understanding, if only just a little.

Since an early age, I have been inclined towards technical stuff. When I was around 7, I started to do some basic circuits using capacitors, resistors, LEDs, lightbulbs, relays and stuff, but I couldn’t figure out how to use a transistor or an integrated circuit, so I didn’t progress on that regard. However, I am happy that the major I chose will give me that knowledge.

Entering what would be the equivalent to highschool was when I realized. Liked many subjects. I liked Biology, Chemistry, the Computer class, English… the idea to choose one for a major later was like having to choose your favorite song or your favorite food or your favorite photo, there isn’t a single favorite. So having an option that integrates most of them was like a no-brainer for me.

The only subjects I am more than happy to leave behind are Geography, History, PE and Arts. Although I like photography a lot, I dislike making stuff with my hands, because I am just so clumsy. I even have a hard time tying my shoelaces. But anyway, I also liked Philosophy (the one where you see concepts from Ethics, Onthology, Logics, etc. from the ancient Greek philosophers and more recent thinkers), Etymology (I like linguistics) and a little about Literature. It’s a shame I couldn’t integrate those to my daily studies.

I was good at those subjects, and it was because I could gain meaningful knowledge from them because I enjoyed to study them. I don’t know what the fact that I liked such a great variety of subjects tell about me, but I am glad I could enjoy so many diverse experiences. I think I am a nerd for having fun learning all that.