Today was our first practise in the Electronics lab. Everything is so disorganized that we didn’t go to the lab we had assigned, because there was nobody to open the door for us. That is one of the couple things I miss from being in a private school, that there was always someone to help you, if only with technical stuff like that.

The other thing I miss is the yearly study plans. A semester is not enough to cover all the topics we are expected to, which results in no one learning nothing. However, I’m more than happy to be there. My major leads to a great variety to science-related branches and I get to cover all the basic areas I did during preparatory school: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer and Math. So I’m used to taking a variety of subjects, which by the way, I like. Except, maybe for Math, but even Graphics Design students have to take Math at one point or another.

My fears are, however, that I might be spreading myself too thin, and that I might not reach anything.

In the end of the day, I like school, although the things that come with it might be a little hard to tolerate. Like getting up early, transportation, stupid classmates (even there you get some), test stress, expensive lunch if you don’t want to carry with it, and lots and lots of complicated reading when the explanation to the many problems is quite simple but hard to get.

While I may not pay much for classes, really, its close to free, though I always make donations, the University is one of the best ones in the world, and as far as I know, it was the best one in Latin America, but I heard it sits now in second place. However, the fact that it costs so little to be in a good school is quite remarkable, and I am very happy to be given that oportunity.

Anyway, in Electronics, we saw how resistors affect signals, and we played a little with the oscilloscopes, something I found a lot of fun.

We didn’t have Thermodynamics, because the teacher got sick, so I don’t know if it’s OK to be comforted by thinking I was not the only one who got sick.

Anyway, I hope this blogging thing doesn’t interfer too much with my study time. 😛

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