Foto 30-07-11 01 01 06 a.m.Today, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. Well, I had read it, but somehow I entirely blanked, so when I watched the movie, I didn’t knew how accurate it was. However it was actually pretty accurate, with some quirks here and there, but it stuck well with the plot. Or at least, that is my opinion.

I’ll try not to bring up any spoilers, but you should skip this next paragraph, just to be safe.

The book had quite a lot of touching moments, but what really touched me was the life of Severus Snape. His wasn’t what one would call a happy life, and it had a lot of pitfalls. To know about the past of someone really makes you change the way you feel and think about him. This is the magic of writing. Good writers play with the readers’ emotions, and they best ones are the ones who can put your world upside-down, twist it, and then put everything in order, or just skip that last step.

The writer just doesn’t need to just call the readers’ attention, but he must give insights about the characters, the plot and the universe they live in. No wonder why is such a fascinating profession. I once attempted to write something, but as they said in my favorite game, Alan Wake, which is about a writer, the plot is like a living thing, and the slightest mistake can seriously injury, or kill it. I’m not quoting there, I’m so sorry, but you get the idea.

To what I’m concerned, Rowling made a magnificent job spinning the plot, and then knitting it so small details connected to bigger events. Not only during a book, but throughout the plot. Some argue that Harry Potter is overrated, however, I think differently. Writing is a fine and difficult art, and Harry Potter is very well done.