So, today it’s my third day sick. It’s also the third day of the month. Is it a coincidence? It’s a very unfortunate one. Anyway, I’m getting better faster than I expected. I feel way better than I did on Friday.

Anyway, today I had the intention to read some of Albert Einstein’s quotes, and it felt weird to get a tiny, and perhaps narrow glimpse of the person behind the quotes. But it was enough for me to make the unsurprising assumption that he was an amazing person, but his quotes the fact that he started like everyone else would, makes him look, dare I say, human.

It is interesting how people who make fantastic achievements, gigantic leaps to humanity, somewhat lose their human condition and are regarded as some sort of unreachable semi-gods. But it’s only when you look at their background and think about where they are coming from that you realize that they are like everyone else. Perhaps they had an advantage over the average population, perhaps they were in disadvantage, but at the end of the day, they were made of the same things as we are.

This tiny moment of revelation was highly inspiring to me, but it came with, let’s call it a problem, I’ve been dealing with for a long time: What do I need to be a better person? What do I need to be an outstanding human being?

Do I need a brain? I already have one. Do I need two hands? Checked. Two feet? Done — but at the same time, there are people who, unfortunately, lack some of the items I listed and they are still outstanding.

I also feel that I am very lucky to have what I have. I live a peaceful life, I am healthy — despite the cold I caught, which is temporary. I have a few people I can call friends, even if they annoy me from time to time.

That makes me think I don’t really have a reason not to be happy all the time. But I can’t help it sometimes. There are some things, for minimal they might be, that kind of flip a switch in me and make me turn into a Hulk. But yeah, I am trying to change that.

But back to the question: what do I need to be a better person? I think that the answer is: more good persons. People who make a difference and serve as an example.

I found some of the ideas behind Einstein’s quotes somewhat contradictory, but for the sake of simplicity, I’m not digging further into it, and instead highlight other topics that called my attention today.

Like an, if dated, but creative marketing campaign: I find the idea of cats starting a revolution highly amusing and to have cat litter behind it, somewhat hilarious. But if you think about it, we, or at least I never came to think that box-contents would influence the health of my feline companion as much as, say, the food I give her, or the time she stays outside, where a lot of dogs roam freely.

Cats against Clay

One of my classmates often wears a shirt that reads “power to the pawpulace”. And behind it, the URL is displayed. I hadn’t thought about it until some random revolutionary ideas came up in a chat room I frequent, and I thought the quote from that shirt would fit perfectly.

Revolutionary Cat

Today our struggles begin against INJUSTICE. Cats will have the last word. Victory!

I felt curious about it and went to said URL, but since I got redirected to a cat litter web page, I decided to Google the phrase, and I had a fun moment with the things I found. I even learnt a couple new words, something I greatly enjoy: “ailurophile/-phobe” which means someone who is fond of/afraid of cats.

Anyway, I found a blog about cats (obviously) in that domain, and I liked it very much. I recommend it if you’re a cat fan.