So, as you may know, I recently caught a cold. In fact, I got sick yesterday (though I might had gotten infected a couple days ago, symptoms started appearing yesterday), and I’m impressed by how fast the disease has progressed.

Yesterday morning, I only had a sore throat, but by the evening I was feeling really sick. And at 2 am, I woke up with fever, from a weird dream involving WordPress, some lawyers chasing after me, werewolves and water pipes. Don’t ask. I took a sick day since I still had fever before going to school, and both driving there and paying attention to class would have been really challenging with how bad I was feeling.

I’m still sick, and I still feel bad, but not as bad as I felt earlier. I hope this ends by Monday, but I don’t really think this lasts for less than a week.

Anyway, staying home let me play with some interesting AI. I found it on an entertaining video I watched, and I wanted to try it out. It yielded some interesting conversations, of which I highlighted some interesting moments.

I could also play The Sims 3 for a while. It was long enough for me to fulfill my life-time wish: to be a world-wide recognized surgeon! I have been playing with that sim for a month or so, so I’m very pleased I could finally achieve that.

So yeah, not much has happened today. I couldn’t go outdoors and I didn’t get out of my room much. And if there continue to be power failures, I might as well go to sleep. It’s alos the first time I notice it’s hard for me to output coherent thoughts when being sick.