So, today I’m starting to write on this blog regularly. It’s not the first blog I start, nor the first time I try to maintain one, but I feel this one is special or at least, I want it to be.

In the other blogs I’ve started, there has been a great void of content, mainly because I don’t have many interesting things to talk about. However, this time I’m “forced” to post daily, so I will have to crave everyday and find at least one thing to talk about.

I think that it requires a change of my way of thinking, which carries a change of attitude. That ultimately leads to a change in life. So yeah, I hope this little project helps me improve as a person and everything else cheesy school psychologists like to hear at the beginning of every course.

Also, because it takes time to write a post, like any other thing, and I also have homework to do, writing this will help me to organize my schedule, something I’ve also wanted to do for a while.

Anyway, since my birthday is coming soon, and my point-and-shoot digital camera is broken, I’ve been looking around for a new camera. Today, I went to Sam’s Club and browsed the photography section. The multitude of different prices, models, specs, colors and sizes is overwhelming at the time of choosing a camera.

Usually, the advice everyone gives, including me is not to worry about it, and just pick any camera that looks good enough. However, performance varies a lot from a model to the next, and while I’m conscious that a point-and-shoot won’t deliver the same performance of a digital SLR, some cameras are so slow that they are useless even when taking pictures out in a sunny day on the beach.

On the stores, there aren’t many chances to try the cameras before buying them, which forces me to buy blindly. And since they aren’t given away, it’s better to make an informed purchase. Sure, there are many review pages out there, but I don’t trust them since everyone out there gave the phone I bought very positive reviews, but I found that the phone was just a waste of money.

So, yeah, I understand the people who are confused before choosing a product. I am confused myself and I think I have a little more experience than the average buyer.

Kodak Z981

One of the candidates for me to buy. It's got a little dated now, but the price in the mall got within my reach.

So far, my favorite models are the Kodak Z981 and the Fujifilm XP30 with GPS. Those aren’t exactly cheap cameras, at least compared to others, and I’m concerned how well they would perform in the real world.

I’m short on relevant topics, and it’s even harder to think about one as I caught a cold. I hope it ends soon so I don’t have to deal with the headaches and the overall discomfort that prevents me from concentrating.

It’s a shame, since I’ve been anxious to start a blog ever since I heard about the plans for now. I even got some apps for my mobile devices to make the posting easier.