Video Editting



Today, a friend of mine asked me to go to his house to help him film a video for an online contest to win tickets for a concert. The end date for the contest is tomorrow. So yeah. Last-minute entrant. It is not the first time I film and edit a video in my life, but the last time I really sat down did it was a long time ago, before Windows Vista came up.

I’m afraid I’m neither the best photographer in the world, nor a good videographer, but I did my best to get some interesting clips from a rush project. I think that I got a good video, or at least better than what my cold and rational expectations are. I know it is a little too late for me to ask you to help us voting for our video on YouTube. It is still rendering at the time of writing. But at least you can watch it and give me your opinion on the blog comments.

I stitched this together in Windows Live Movie Maker, and I don’t know, but I don’t think I am the only one who would like the Movie Maker that came with Windows XP back. I didn’t take too long to get used to this new Movie Maker, but the process was a little annoying and frustrating.

Anyway, I certainly need a lot more skill before calling myself a photographer or something.

Also, today is the Independence day in my country.



I don’t know why, but today the speedway was closed, and a 20~30 minute long drive became an almost an hour long one. That was in the morning. In the afternoon it became an almost two hour long drive because the speedway and one of the main avenues were closed.

I wanted to document those happenings and start a blog on local events, but then, writing about that is a little bit tedious. And not everything that happens is news. So it’s a hard job from the beginning to the end.

First, you need to go to the place where the things are happening, then translate everything you hear and see to words. You also need to do a little research to add a little extra information to the article. Get some pictures, perhaps. And last, but not least, write everything down.

Journalism, and especially photojournalism isn’t something I would like to perform. I feel it is too demanding and the reward can vary a lot. Photography by itself is demanding enough.

Anyway, today I had the oportunity to take some pictures from my school. We have a nice field for the people who are studying agriculture, and it is gorgeous now. From the road it looks nicer, but I can’t stop to take a picture, so I had to take pictures from the walkable parts within the field. I will upload them as soon as I can make my camera work with my PC.

Learning Curves

Today we started programming on a computer, not just on paper. However, the compilers didn’t work like we expected. A lot of errors came up and some programs didn’t even start. Since the school computers aren’t well maintained and they aren’t of the best quality. I think I am going to download a compiler and install it on my laptop to use it instead of the school machines. I am going to look for compilers and download one or every one I can find. I wish I knew how to program so I knew which compiler is good for me, and to see how to code appropriately on each platform, which I think should be the same, but I had lots of compiling errors and I was getting aid from a textbook.

Another thing that I would like to do is to take great pictures. I find it disappointing when I look at my pictures and compare them to what I can find in a book or in stock photography catalogues. I wish I got things right at the first, second, third or even at the fifth try. Maybe it’s just my perception.

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Anyway, I have somewhat managed to decently expose my pictures in manual mode, however framing and also exposing under contrasty environments, such as a dark entrance on a very bright wall, or a plaza with a section under the trees on a sunny day still give me issues.

While it is true that the instrument doesn’t help the artist, I think that it certainly helps to get good results, but I also think that if you can make a lot with little, it is more remarkable than doing a lot with much. That’s why I am focusing on practicing framing with a P&S more than with the SLR, also, because the P&S is more practical to carry around, and it is less risky to lose.

However, I could carry my SLR in a fanny today, which was a bit uncomfortable, but possible.

Something that just caught my attention was the fact that crediting an image, like most of the actions that are the right thing to do, is difficult to perform. On the earlier graph, I was trying to credit the person who drew it, but I couldn’t find the author, so I am linking back to the page where I got the picture. I don’t know if it is right, certainly it isn’t fair to the author, but I spent a reasonable amount of time doing my research, so I at least tried.

From now on, I am going to put an effort on linking back to the source of the material I use, because, after reading this I thought that I wouldn’t like my work, for crappy that it is, to be floating around without linking back to my personal pages.

Driving madness

Today I had to drive from one place to another to get the material my team needs for a Biochemistry project. It was a rather disgusting experience. Not that driving by itself is disgusting, but it is driving with other people on the street what can be extremely annoying at times, and it can bring out the worst in all of us.

Today I literally almost got killed by a dude who was tailgating me, who, by the way, happened to crash against a truck and the concrete roadside wall at more than 100 km/h, and I had to endure the typical rudeness. I almost got hit three times, by only centimeters, and I couldn’t help but wonder why some persons lack common sense and are still alive.

No wonder why this city ranked on top of the worst places to drive. It is extremely unpleasant. It also got me more tired than an afternoon at the gym.

New Point-And-Shoot Camera!


Today, I went to the super market and bought a point-and-shoot camera, since the one I already had is on its last leg. I only spent the money I had saved, so I could not go for anything super fancy.

The camera I chose was a Kodak M200 (mini). It was for three reasons. It wasn’t the bottom of the line, so it must be of a reasonable quality. It was the only one in that price range with a rechargeable battery. And I am somewhat of a follower of Kodak. That last one isn’t a very important reason, to be honest.

I haven’t tested it to its limits, but so far, it looks good. It came with three stuck pixels on the display, but that doesn’t affect the pictures it takes, however there’s a lot of noise in the picture, which isn’t surprising considering both the price and the size of the sensor.

Obviously, is compatible with the Kodak EasyShare software, which I like, but it also comes with an option to share the pictures I take with other applications. Something I’ve never seen in any of my previous Kodak cameras. I haven’t used that feature, so I don’t know how it works. I couldn’t find anything related to this on the printed user guide that came inside the box, and I haven’t had the will to go online to look for the complete documentation.

My previous camera can also be used with other programs such as the Windows Live Photo Gallery, but only to import the pictures. I had to do the sharing manually, but I always did anyway.

When I have used the camera more, I’ll give my veredict.

Birthday Party


Today was my birthday party, well, not exactly a party where people get drunk and end up destroying everything, but more like a reunion. I like times when I can talk and have fun moments without entering a disastrous realm.

I was very happy that my relatives came, however some couldn’t join in. Instead of making a storm out of it, I called other friends and I was more than happy that they could come.

Despite I didn’t get many physical gifts, the fact that they were there and that they made my day was the best gift I could get. I wouldn’t have agreed to it a few years ago, maybe it’s a sign I’m getting mor mature?

Anyway, that was in the afternoon. Before that, I could talk to a friend from the internet and I had a fun time as well. So yeah, it was a happy day.


So today was my birthday. I was very happy that the mail bots to the forums I’m registered to weren’t the only ones to wish me a happy birthday this year. I am very happy, however, there are some things that are starting to worry me as I’m getting older. I’m saving that for another post, though.

Anyway, today is a very special day for me and I’m glad I’m happy. 🙂

I had planned to go shopping for things I like, but I couldn’t do that because I have to clean up my room because some relatives are coming, and I was tired from the week, and a 2-hour nap interfered with my plans.